Modern Outdoor Furniture Manufacturer

DANTRINDO, founded in 2002, is a Foreign Invest company (PMA) in Indonesia who specialize in manufacturing high quality outdoor furniture.

Our innovative inhouse designs are well accepted in the European market.  
We have gain trust from some of the well known outdoor furniture brands in the world, to be their manufacturing partner. We are always driven by the eagerness to create innovative new product.

Currently we supply to several reputable outdoor furniture brands in Europe and USA. Every year we produce more than 150 different designs. Our yearly capacity is more than 350 x 40HC.


  • Modern machineries
  • Investment in automation
  • Hi-tech R&D infrastructures
  • Passionate in new technology for making better product

Expert & Skilled

  • Dedicated to quality
  • Attention to detail
  • Constant improvement of production know-how

Precision &

  • Precise component make all the difference
  • Zero target for re-work
  • Detail quality check on each production process


  • Labor cost control with time tracking software
  • Focus heavily on detail production process to cut cost

PRODUCTION Capabilities

With our production capabilities, today we can produce furniture that is beautiful, high precision, and cost efficient.

Advanced 3D Scanner

The use of 3D scanning technology has make a tremendous impact to speed up our product development process, we can make fast prototype and 3D scan it to easily check if our prototype match our technical drawing (dimension, angles, etc) and make adjustments.
We make a lot of complex designs and we use this scanner to constantly check our frame and components in production.

Pipe Laser Cutting Machine

We have a lot of designs that need to be manufactured in high precision, and our Pipe Laser Cutting Machine is an integral part in our production capabilities. This machine is not only able to produce high precision components, but it also greatly improve our production capacity in cutting and drilling.

CNC Machining Center

We have few CNC routers to process our Teak wood components, HPL table tops, and also drilling alumunium pipes with high precision. Our latest 4-Axis machining center can process components up to 6000x2000MM in dimension.

7-Axis Pipe Bending Machine

Our electric 7-axis pipe bending machine can do complex 3 dimensional bending with high precision and speed. This machine can do roll bending left / right and draw bending left / right in the same bending sequence, so we can make complex chair design while at the same time reduce pipe welding joints.